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PPP asks federally administered institutions to cooperate with Sindh government for dealing with rain-related issues

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Karachi. 12.7.2016: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) MPAs Sajid Jokhio, Jawaid Nagori and Khairun Nisa Mughal have asked the KMC and DMCs administrators to expedite their works for cleansing and de-silting of the storm water drains and keep vigilant on the situation that might emerge as the meteorology department has warned of heavy rains in Karachi.

They said that Sindh government has taken every possible step for the safety of the citizens and is monitoring the overall situation. However, there are more than a dozen of other authorities that also claims to be the stakeholders but they do not cooperate with the Sindh government as they mainly fall under the jurisdiction of federal government.

The PPP MPAs said that Sindh government does not have any control over the Cantonment Boards and the Karachi Electric and in order to meet the emerging challenges that federal government should ask them to extend their cooperation to the Sindh government.

They said that despite warnings from the meteorology department, The K-Electric has failed to take measures for repair of the fragile lines and depreciated poles. In rains a few days ago, at least four people had died of electrocution and in case any casualty occurs in coming rains, the K-Electric would be booked in FIR.

They also demanded the Cantonment Boards to remove illegal billboards under orders of the Supreme Court so that any threat to the lives of the people should be prevented in advance. 


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