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Zardari pays glowing tributes to Edhi

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Islamabad July 9, 2016: Former President Asif Ali Zardari has expressed profound grief and sorrow over the passing away of Abdul Sattar Edhi “a saint, a giver and an awe inspiring social worker who commanded incomparable respect within the country and profound admiration abroad”.

Pakistan today is poorer with the passing away of an icon who extricated millions of poor from distress transcending above considerations of religion, ethnicity and faith, said Mr. Zardari in a condolence message.

“Edhi was a towering man the likes of whom are born once in generations” he said adding “his passing away will be mourned in all ages and in all climes”.

Edhi was driven by a boundless passion to help the poor, the needy and those in distress. For this he chose to live a very austere life and literally begged on the streets to collect donations, the former President said.

“Edhi’s example of selfless struggle over decades is a beacon of light that will illumine the path of generations to come”.

Even in a distant future his name will inspire images of caring the poor, of burying the dead, of sheltering the orphans, of owning abandoned women and children, of rehabilitating drug addicts and mentally ill, of taking victims of road accidents to hospitals and of rescuing people hit by disasters, Zardari said.

This vastness of the achievements of one man in one lifetime is a testimony of the greatness of Edhi, he said.

May Allah rest his soul in eternal peace and grant patience to his immediate family, to the poor and needy whom he treated as his extended family, to the workers of Edhi Foundation, indeed to the entire bereaved nation to bear this great loss with equanimity, Zardari prayed.


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