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Zardari hopes Congressional delegation visit will help decrease misgivings

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Islamabad July 5, 2016: Former President Asif Ali Zardari has welcomed the recent visit by a US Congressional delegation hoping also that the visit will help in decreasing misgivings needed for “resetting the ties between the two countries”.

The bipartisan US Congressional delegation that just concluded visit to Pakistan was led by Senator John McCane Chairman of the Senate Armed Forces Committee.

In a statement the former President described as “positive and reassuring” Senator McCain’s comments after visiting operational areas to witness the gains made during Zarbe Azb operation against extremists and militants.

Reportedly the US delegation appreciated the success achieved by Pakistan in its counter terrorism campaign as“impressively visible”.

According to reports the congressional delegation said that they wished other members of US Congress also witnessed the outcome of the successful operations in North Waziristan themselves.

Pakistan has suffered the most in the fight against militants, the former President said adding also ‘the world must recognize and appreciate it”.

Lauding Pakistan’s sacrifices in the fight against militants by a bipartisan Congressional delegation indeed is most welcome, the former President said. Such public appreciation should help in removing misunderstandings and in resetting the ties, he said.

Zardari said that the PPP has always been impressing upon the global community of the huge sacrifices made by it in fight against terrorism and will continue to do so whether it was in the government or in the opposition.


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