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PMLN leadership has to tender unconditional apology to nation over corruption, off-shore companies

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Karachi. 4.7.2016: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Senator Ajaz Dhamra while condemning PMLN Sindh chapter Senior vice president Syed Shah Muhammad Shah for his biased press conference he gave at Hyderabad Press Club in which he used derogatory language and presented concocted facts about the PPP leadership said PPP is the only true democratic political party established in 1967. The PPP had struggled against military dictatorships of field marshal Muhammad Ayub and continued with its struggle in 1983, 1985. The PPP also opposed military dictator Pervez Musharraf and struggled against his authoritarian regime, which would be inscribed in history with golden words.

He said that the energy crisis in the country is only because of Sharif family, which during their government either did not allow setting up new power projects launched by the then PPP governments or by opposing new plans.

He said that the property in Dubai has existed long before birth of PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, who is head of Pakistan’s largest political party. He is well aware of all sections of the country’s social and political life and would announce the decisive protest campaign against corruption of Sharif family, Panama Papers leaks, damages done to national strategic institutions after Eid holidays. the PPP Chairman would take all parties in opposition on board.

However, PMLN has to tell the truth about the factories and other properties in Dubai, India and Saudi Arabia and about a dozen of highly expensive super luxury apartments in UK’s most expensive area.

Senator Dhamra said it is the tradition and mindset of PMLN leadership to malign others so as to conceal their massive corruption from the masses but despite the fact that former President Asif Ali Zardari was jailed for 11 years, nothing was proved against him and he was released from courts, which PMLN leaders always placed under their wrath and attacks. The PMLN leaders have once again while repeating their decayed and stereotyped politics started maligning others especially PPP for the guilt it never committed, which is useless attempt to divert the attention of the masses. However, the masses are now in a fiery mood and would not let the PMLN leaders escape from the country as they are fully determined to see the outcome of corruption through off-shore companies for which the PMLN leaders had invested in after robbing country’s wealth.

As far as the matter of Zulfiquarabad is concerned, it was a government land, which was illegally encroached by people and the government had evicted the land in light of court’s direction. However, government compensated them sufficiently.

He demanded the PMLN leadership to stop maligning PPP to hide its crimes and corruption and that the PMLN leadership has to offer for accountability for the corruption it has done so far.

He said that the PMLN leaders do not have a second choice except that they have to apologise to the nation and offer the return of the wealth they had unlawfully laundered abroad after earning heavy kick-backs.


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