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Time has come for PMLN leaders accountability: PPP MNAs

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Karachi. 24.6.2016: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) MNAs Dr Shahida Rehmani and dr Mehreen Bhutto have said the two separately issued statements of Senator Ishaq Dar and senator Pervez Rasheed, who hold key portfolios in federal cabinet, the ministry of finance and the ministry of information, are candid clear indications that the Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif won’t return to Pakistan in near future and would prefer to running his government through the Skype.
In a statement issued from PPP Media Cell Sindh, they said that the peoples’ fate remained unchanged and they continued to suffer from PMLN’s anti-masses policies that have equally damaged the country’s interests. The PMLN’s federal government has been doing what the IMF dictated.
They said the people are also victim of entirely bad governance of the federal government as no institution made any progress at the national level while the variety of crisis got worst from bad. The poverty rate, the rate of inflation, the closure of mega industrial units and policies for making national institutions as sick for easy sale to blue eyed are in full swing. The job retrenchments and rendering people as unemployed are the curses that the people have so far received from the PMLN.
They said it does not matter whether the Prime Minister is in country or runs his government from abroad through the Skype because the people and the country would not get better till the PMLN continues to clinging to powers. However, the time has come for the accountability of the PMLN’s leaders as the people are now fully awaken and they could not be silenced from just candies.


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