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PPP denounces torturing of Dr Asim and showing of video on TV

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Islamabad June 16, 2016: Pakistan People’s Party has strongly condemned the showing on a private TV channel a video purported to be the confessional statement of Dr Asim former Minister under the PPP government.

In a footage run on a private channel Wednesday Dr Asim Hussam is seen sitting on a chair and maligning the Party leadership.

“This is a monstrous notoriety and monumental arrogance of the law enforcing agency which held Dr Asim Hussain in custody and is condemned in the strongest terms”, a Spokesperson of the Party in a statement today said. He said that the video confirmed the apprehensions that Dr Asim will be brutally tortured to extract from him so called confessional statements.

Indeed the mother of Dr Asif had filed a petition in the SHC fearing the torture of her son for extracting so called confessional statements from him to paint black the party leadership, he said adding ‘her worst fears have come true’.

He said that Dr Asim was first held in custody of the law enforcing agency accusing him of terrorism under anti terror laws. But when the agency realized that it had no case to prove in a court of law it changed the track and brought corruption charges against him even though there exists separate legal mechanisms for addressing corruption charges.

Clearly the Rangers who held Dr Asim in custody is responsible for torturing Dr Asim and the surfacing of this video, he said.

In allowing itself to go that far the law enforcing agency has exposed itself to the charge that it is acting as veritable arm of the Interior Ministry for political engineering by inflicting torture on political opponents, the Spokesman said.

Those who tortured Dr Asim must never forget that the laws of nature indeed are very stern. The Mill of God grinds slowly by inexorably and when it starts grinding it grinds exceeding small.

The Party condemns this atrocity and calls for the accountability of all those responsible for torturing Dr Asim, the Spokesperson said..

The Party also calls for early adoption of Anti Torture legislation passed unanimously by the Senate in March last year. This legislation is necessary to put to an end torture in custody and to ensure that such crimes are not committed with impunity in future, he said.


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