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Senator Farhatullah Babar expresses concern over sentencing of political activists in GB on terrorism charges

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Islamabad June 14, 2016: During question hour on issues of public importance Senator Farhatullah Babar expressed concern over the sentencing recently of political activist Babajan and others in GB on charges of terrorism.

Babajan has been protesting against political, constitutional and human rights violations in the area and organizing rallies and demonstrations.

Terming it as abuse of judicial processes by the administration he warned that bred resentment among the people he called for the release of Babajan.

On the one hand we deny mainstreaming the area flaunting official stance on Kashmir issue and on the other human rights defenders were sentenced dubbing them as terrorists.

This will alienate the patriotic people of this sensitive area and make the realization of CPEC dream difficult he said.

He proposed the human rights committee to examine abuse of judicial processes, denial of the rights of people and stifling the voice of GB people.

On the issue of panama leaks Senator Babar said that while calls for made for the accountability and resignation of the Prime Minister, no one was talking about a sitting judge supposedly named in the panama leaks.

This is double standards. The duality of approach in treating one section of the society differently from other sections and the sacred cow syndrome must come to an end. We must apply the same yardstick to everyone. At this the Chairman remarked that the sacred cows were beyond the pale of accountability.

The issue of funding to the National Commission on Human Rights also received senate attention and questions were raised over the need for a parallel human rights body when a body set up by the parliament was already in place.

Saying that there was no need for a parallel human rights boy under the executive he said that the 250 million rupees earmarked for the new institute be given to the NCHR.

He recalled that the Chairman had recently remarked in the house that the new body was being set up to accommodate some blue eye boy he said that the human rights committee of the senate was already seized of the matter and will dwell deep into it.


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