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Foreign policy debacles rooted in unrealistic policy goals and objectives

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Islamabad June 13, 2016: Taking part in the discussion on adjournment motion Senator Farhatullah Babar said that Pakistan’s isolation was rooted more in its unrealistic foreign policy goals and objectives than in anything else.

Frustration and isolation will result when we insist on projecting state power under nuclear umbrella without regard to the limitations of our true national power and without regard to the problems of militancy, extremism, sectarianism and economic weaknesses. An impoverished nation living on loans and external aid and beset with so many problems cannot afford to have unrealistic foreign policy goals, he said.

The foreign policy crisis in the wake of killing of Mullah Mansoor should force us to re evaluate our foreign policy objectives.

The state narrative on killing of Mullah Mansoor and our growing isolation is described in terms of attack on sovereignty and corruption in NADRA and international conspiracies against us. The central question brought into focus by Mullah Mansoor’s killing is who else, among Afghan Talibans and other militants, besides Mansoor are hiding in Pakistan, he said adding, “but it is not part f the narrative”.

In the wake of Mansoor’s killing instead of stock taking we raised yet again the jehadi banner, he said.

The nearly twenty thousand security cameras in the federal capital failed to notice the proscribed JuD leaders supposedly banned under the National Action Plan (NAP) descending on Islamabad reviving the jehadi project.

He said that Chahbahar was no threat to Pakistan as long as Pakistan seriously worked on completing the CPEC. He said that senate Committee on CPEC had submitted its second interim report today to the senate according to which progress on the consensus western route was “a mere eye wash”.

He called for building on priority basis the western route as was decided in the All Parties Conference on May 28, 2015 instead of feeling threatened by Chahbahar.


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