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Zardari condemns public humiliation of couple allegedly for ‘invalid nikah’

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Calls for bringing culprits to justice

Islamabad June 12, 2016: Former President Asif Ali Zardari has strongly condemned the blackening of faces and parading in public in Gujranwala on Saturday of a couple on orders of a local jirga which summarily declared invalid their nikah. Zardari also demanded immediate arrest of the culprits and exemplary punishment to them under the law.

The reports that more and more jirgas hold such unlawful courts and award barbaric punishments are most disgusting and call for stringent measures to curb this practice, said the former President in a statement today.

He said that recently reports talked of some so called religio-political outfits holding their own courts in parts of Punjab that went un-noticed by the authorities. This indifference of the authorities has encouraged the spreading of this evil to many more cities, towns and villages and is criminal, he said.

Zardari said that he was deeply perturbed over increasing violence against vulnerable sections, women and non-Muslim minorities on one pretext or the other throughout the country.

It has become customary for religious zealots to act as self declared guardians of public morality in the name of religion. It is an evil that must be curbed with iron hand, he said.

Expressing deep concern over the anti women bias systematically being promoted by some elements in the country the former President asked Party leaders to raise voice against such abhorrent practices at all available forums.


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