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Chairman PPP’s Tweet was not against Punjab but in fact it was against considering only Punjab as Pakistan: Jameel Soomro

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KARACHI, June 9: Jameel Soomro, Member Central Executive Committee (CEC) and Political Secretary to PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said that Chairman’s Tweet was not against Punjab but in fact it was against considering only Punjab as Pakistan.

In a press statement issued here, Jameel Soomro said Pakistan Peoples Party believes in a Federation and is against any move aimed at promoting provincialism or fanning ethnic divisions in any part of the country at the cost of Federation. Our Party believes in the equal rights of all federating units as our constitution says, he added.

He said that whenever Sharif’s are in crisis, they always use slogans like Jag Punjabi Jag, Kalabagh Dam and created financial disbalance between the federating units. “PPP wants justice and equality between federating units and always tries to create harmony among the nationalities,” he added.

PPP’s CEC Member further said that smaller provinces and oppressed nationalities must be addressed in terms of their rights and especially in the budgetary gaps. “Sharif’s are not ready to accommodate any smaller province. If Prime Minister visits any country, he only accompanied his brother Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif.

He pointed out that in this budget they have completely ignored the other provinces and their development schemes and withdrawn lot of provincial services. “These acts and mind-set will be a disastrous for the Federation. PPP will fight at every level against such mind-set and every act which is damaging for the Federation, he added.

Jameel Soomro pledged that as a federal party, PPP will continue its struggle for the rights of oppressed peoples, provinces and nationalities.


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