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Call for ending compoundability in honor killings

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Islamabad June 9, 2016: Taking part in the discussion on the burning of Zeenat Rafiq in Lahore Senator Farhatullah Babar said that such brutal murder and burning of women in the name of honor will continue as long as the parliament failed to legislate making such murders non compoundable.

He called for urgent adoption of the Bill moved by former senator Sughra Imam that had been passed unanimously by all political parties in the Senate in March 2015 but which could not be passed in the joint session recently for want of consensus. He said it was beyond comprehension as to why it was opposed by some of these very parties in the joint sitting of parliament after voting for it in senate.

He said that the anti woman bias of the Council of Islamic Ideology as expressed in its recommendations and pronouncements has also contributed to crimes against women with impunity in the country.

He said that the CII had lost its relevance as well as constitutional basis and called for examining the validity of its continued existence and submission of annual reports to the parliament.

On the issue of re-verification of the CNICs Senator Farhatullah Babar said that the real issue was whether Mullah Mansoor was issued Pakistani identity card by the state and whether there were many more of the likes of Mullah Mansoor  hiding somewhere with Pakistani identity.

He said that in the first instance the Afghan Taliban with Pakistani identity cards be identified and their patrons in government departments be exposed and punished instead of undertaking the massive task of re-verification of all CNICs in the country.


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