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Surendar Valasai welcomes appointment of Misri Ladhani as SRB chief

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KARACHI, June 8: Surendar Valasai Advisor to PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Minority Affairs has welcomed the Sindh government for appointing Misri Ladhani, Pakistan’s top-most and adorned tax collecting officer belonging to the marginalized minority communities as Chairman Sindh Revenue Board (SRB) on pure merit.

“This is a slap on those who were raising fingers at PPP’s Sindh government and questioning its governance. Appointment of Misri Ladhani, a scion of a poor Meghwar family who crossed all the steps upto the ladder through pure merit shows that good governance in Sindh is practical while all other provincial governments and propaganda against it was all farcical,” he added.

Surendar Valasai congratulated Misri Ladhani and hoped that he will come up to the expectation and improve tax collection system of the Sindh province and become a source of pride for entire province for his professional skills and sagacity.


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