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PPP condemns KE for blackouts in Ramadan

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“It is now proven that Khawaja Asif is in great haste to drive the last nail in the PMLN’s coffin and the PMLN has to pay for the damages done to the people of Sindh in next elections”
Karachi. Adviser to Chief Minister Sindh Rashid Hussain Rabbani and Waqar Mehdi  while condemning the Karachi Electric for unannounced and prolonged blackouts in Karachi said that since the Karachi Electric is federally controlled power utility in Karachi, the federal government has utterly failed to provide any relief to the masses especially the people of Sindh during its past three years. On the other hand, the tall and boastful claims made by Federal Minister for water and Power Khawaja Asif have also been exposed which is a candid clear manifest of his grudge against the people of Sindh. In fact, only PPP always catered to needs of the people across the board and always brought such policies that served the masses from all corners.
In a statement issued from PPP Media Cell Sindh, they said that the tyranny of power blackouts in Sindh and inflated electricity bills in past three years is now a sad tale in the history of the country while Karachi Electric is on a mission of creating unrest and violence in Sindh and perhaps the federal government of PMLN is waiting to see a huge turmoil in Karachi.
The people of Karachi have since 2001 been passing tedious and painful time as the Karachi Electric has writhed their nerves by snatching their comforts and joys by inflated electricity bills, unannounced and prolonged power blackouts and impeding the water supply, they added.
Karachi Electric is using variety of tactic to mint more money from the consumers in the garb of feeder tripping and technical faults. The situation is very painful in different areas of Karachi this holy month of Ramadan as the Karachi Electric is avenging on the citizens.
They warned the Karachi Electric management to stop agonising the people or else none would come forward to save them from the wrath of the people who have been fed up with this power utility.
While addressing the Federal Minister for Water and Power Khawaja Asif, they said that it is now proven that he is in great haste to drive the last nail in the PMLN’s coffin and the PMLN has to pay for the damages done to the people of Sindh in next elections.

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