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PPP labour leaders reject federal budget; say it would force the poor die

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Karachi. 4.6.2016: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) senior labour leaders Habibuddin Junaidi, Lateef Mughal, Mohsin Raza, Noor Muhammad Jalbani and Hussain Badshah have said that the federal budget 2016-17 would invite unrest and escalate the poverty and inflation rates while it would cause the middle, lower middle and lower classes of the society to further sink into the dearth and plight of pecuniary retrenchments. The common man would hardly be able to manage the monthly expenses of living for his family.

In a statement issued from the PPP Media Cell Sindh, they said that the federal government has mocked at the poor and the factory workers and the daily wagers by proposing an increase of just Rs.1000 to their monthly income threshold which would now be Rs.14000. the federal government has been accustomed to a stereotyped practice of increasing Rs.1000 to the minimum wage scale for the workers and the daily wagers which do not reciprocate to the elevated prices of the common men’s goods for living.

They said that the minimum wages of the workers and the daily wagers should be in accordance with the prices of essential commodities and the rate of inflation should also be accommodated while deciding about their wages.

The PPP labour leaders said that the real issue of the country is of the good governance that is ssen nowhere. The federal budget is totally void of concrete directions that could lead towards the resolution of the peoples’ grievances.


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