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PPP Senators declare federal budget as misleading statistical maneuvour

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Karachi. 3.6.2016: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Senators Dr Karim Khawaja, Ejaz Dhamra and Engineer Gayan Chand while condemning the federal government with regard to federal budget-2016-17 declared the finance bill as a pack of lies and tactful manipulation of statistics. The allocations of the PSDP are to the tune of 800 billion but only 12 billion are reserved for Sindh. The federal budget is complete failure as it has totally ignored smaller provinces especially Sindh that adds upto 70 percent of country’s total revenue annually. Sindh is that province where people from all sides of the country land for earning bread and butter and the provincial government has always catered to their needs while the federal government has totally ignored this important factor in annual budget.
In a statement issued from PPP Media cell Sindh, they said that the federal government has ignored Sindh’s needs for large development schemes and projects. The federal budget failed to carry along the need for improvements in social, health and education sectors. The pensioners and public servants would also get nothing from this federal budget.
The PPP senators said that no mentionable increase is announced in federal budget with regard to salaries of government employees and the pensioners which would worsen their living. The federal budget has only favoured the elite and the rich while the masses would bear the huge burden of indirect taxes which would enhance the poverty rate and unemployment which in return would worsen the long standing division in different social clases of the society.
They said that the cotton crop has faced a decline upto 31 percent for which the federal budget does not offer workable programmes. The federal budget has also failed to lay any programme for the alleviation of the poverty and unemployment.
They said that the federal budget would further deteriorate the ongoing wave of frustration among the people of smaller provinces.
They demanded that the allocations for the PDSP should be revised and enhanced and new schemes should be added.
They also demanded that indirect taxes should be removed and minimum wages should be Rs.15, 000 a month.

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