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PPP leaders see conspiracy in retrenchments of PDSP allocations for Sindh

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Karachi. 1.6.2016: Pakistan People’s party (PPP) Sindh Organising Committee members and special coordinators to the Sindh Chief Minister Rashid Hussain Rabbani, Jabbar Khan and Waqar Mehdi said that the federal government considers Punjab as whole of Pakistan and hence spends the lion’s share from the annual budget on Punjab alone. The federal government has once again ridiculed Sindh province and the people by ignoring Sindh’s needs in the annual fiscal budget 2016-17.
In their joint statement issued from the PPP Media Cell Sindh, they said that Sindh had dispatched at least 201 development schemes for Sindh of which the greater water scheme for provisioning water to the Karachiites was on top of the list but the federal government has while discarding the entire 201 schemes approved only those seven schemes that were at the end of the list.
They said it is an irony that when the PDSP allocations were to the tune of Rs.300 billion, Sindh used to receive 18 billion but when the PDSP allocations have risen to 800 billion, federal government has retrenched its allocations to just 12.5 billion.
they said the entire scenario is tantamount to treating Sindh like step-child.
They said that water is an unavoidable necessity without which life could not be maintained but despite repeated appeals to the federal government the later has failed to address the issue and has simply announced to release 5 billion out of a total of 10 billion but still this promise remained unfulfilled.
The PPP leaders said that this overall scenario is like a planned scheme to deprive Sindh of its due rights and share which is dissipating strong wave of frustration among the people of the people.

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