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Bilawal Bhutto strongly condemns murder of a woman teacher in Murree

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ISLAMABAD, . 01: Bilawal Bhutto . Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party has strongly condemned the ghastly murder of a woman teacher Maria by a mob in Murree and accused Punjab government and its Chief Minister for deliberately ignoring atrocities against women in the province.
According to reports, a teenage female teacher, who was burned alive by a mob in Murree, succumbed to her injuries while undergoing treatment. The mob had barged into her house, sprinkled petrol on her and set ablaze the poor girl.
PPP Chairman said that inhuman atrocities are on the rise in the Punjab province in the absence of effective legislation as Chief Minister, Punjab and his cabinet seems to be taking up cosmetic and half-hearted steps as if the women are from some other planet.
He pointed out another woman was drugged, strangled and her body was burnt in a Suzuki van in Abbottabad last month by a Jirga but Punjab government seems to be making the committees and taking superficial actions while dreadful violence continues against the innocent women.
He said that such mayhem against the womenfolk in the country’s largest province were highly condemnable acts of heinous crimes and PPP won’t tolerate the same. “We want effective legislation and administrative tools against such coward attacks on women,” he added.
Bilawal Bhutto Zardari demanded stern action against the mob and each culprit being part of it should be strongly punished to make example and measures should be taken to protect from such atrocities in the future.


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