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Former President Zardari contradicts media reports of understanding with Prime Minister over Panama leaks

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Islamabad May 29, 2016: Former President Asif Ali Zardari has had no meeting with Moulana Fazal ur Rehman in London recently and the assertion in a section of the media that Mr. Asif Zardari has reached some understanding on the issue of Panama leaks with the Prime Minister is untrue, baseless and motivated.

This was stated by the former President today when his attention was drawn to a report on private TV channel implying that in the spirit of reconciliation Mr. Zardari had arrived at some understanding the Prime Minister on the issue.

Mr. Zardari not only contradicted these reports but also stated categorically that the Party had already decided to pursue the Panama leaks issue to its logical conclusion. A parliamentary committee has already been set up which is engaged in drawing up the Terms of Reference for investigations and how to proceed in the matter and there is no question of ignoring it, he said.

The former President said that the Party has arrived at a well considered stance on the issue after due deliberations not only within the Party but also with all political parties.

Media reports calculated to give any impression that he (Mr Zardari) may have a different stance on the issue are untrue and baseless and seem motivated to create confusion, he said.


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