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PPP urges Fed Govt to raise NDS-RAW activities in Pakistan in UN

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Karachi. 26.5.2016: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) MPAs Sardar Shah, Dr Sattar Rajpar and Sohrab Khan Serki have lauded the Pakistani intelligence agencies for apprehending a number of Afghan Intelligence (NDS) agents from Pakistani soil who have in their confessional statements admitted that they have been active in conducting terrorism in Pakistan.
In a statement issued from the PPP Media Cell Sindh, the PPP MPAs said that the security forces and intelligence agencies have done their job diligently with complete sense f patriotism and now it is the obligation of the federal government to raise the issue at the UN and inform the international community about terror plots of the two neighbouring countries ion Pakistan.
They said that the consortium of Indian spy agency – RAW and the NDS is meant to create unrest in Pakistan with an aim of damaging the national integrity and sovereignty of Pakistan of which the apprehension of an Indian spy agency’s agent Kal Bhoshan Yadev is an undeniable proof followed by the apprehensions of at least 6 NDS agents.
The RAW and the NDS are on a mission to sabotage the China Pakistan Economic Corridor which is unacceptable and would never be allowed. The Pakistani security forces have performed splendidly and now the federal government has the obligation to raise the matter in the UN and inform the international community about the threats to the country’s sovereignty by the two neighbouring countries, India and Afghanistan.
The PPP MPAs said that whether India or Afghanistan, both should bear in mind that 200 million people in Pakistan are arms of the Pak Army and would prove to be an iron wall against all dangers and invasion.

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