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PPP condemns Fed Govt on sale of PIA’s 49pc shares

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Karachi. 24.5.2016: Pakistan People’s party (PPP) Senators  Doctor Kareem Khuwaja, Aijaz Dhamra and Engr Gainchand have condemned federal government for selling 49 percent of shares of national flag carrier Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), which the federal government had already made a limited company from a corporation. The sale of 49 percent shares of the PIA would invite unseen threats to the national security but the federal government of PMLN has never hesitated on compromising on national interest before the IMF.
In a statement issued from the PPP Media Cell Sindh, the PPP Senators said that on one hand, the federal government has borrowed tremendous loan from the IMF which the people of Pakistan would pay off in many coming decades while on the other hand, the federal government is selling all strategic national institutions at the behest of the IMF. The national institutions that were sold to private sector in past have produced nothing in country’s favour but have established their state within the state.
They said that the PMLN’s federal government has almost finalised preparations for sale of at least 60 national institutions but the PPP would not sit silent over this highly devastating act of the federal government and would raise voice of protest on all available fora.

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