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PPP seeks SC’s intervention for cancellation of KE’s privatisation

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Karachi. 20.5.2016: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Parliamentary leader in the Senate of Pakistan and PPP Media Cell Sindh in-charge Senator Saeed Ghani, members Habibuddin Junaidi, Lateef Mughal, Zulfiquar Qaimkhani and Manzoor Abbas have vehemently condemned the K-Electric and other power DISCOs in Sindh under the aegis of WAPDA for unannounced prolonged duration blackouts upto 22 hours in a 24-hours cycle.
The overall blackout situation in Karachi and interior of Sindh has exposed these DISCOs for failing to upgrade the power generation and distribution system and had further damaged the transmission system by replacing the copper lining with the aluminum. Owing to this criminal replacement, the flotation has been rampant which is constantly damaging consumers’ expensive electronic goods without any compensation or claim.
In a statement issued from the PPP Media Cell Sindh, they said that the worst of all is that the federal government, NEPRA, FIA and all other institutions concerned are silent over this gross tyranny of the power DISCOs especially the K-Electric. The power outages in the garb of breakdowns and other so-called technical faults is unacceptable.
They said that the former dictator Pervez Musharraf had by selling the K-Electric for petty sum of money not only ruined the Karachi which is the economic hub of Pakistan but had also planted a scheme under which the country would never come out of compromises on economic growth and thus self-reliance.
The PPP leaders said that in entire Sindh, the K-Electric and other power DISCOs are being patronized by the WAPDA for establishing their monopoly and thus these DISCOs are treating the masses as their subjects.
They said that the mercury in entire Sindh is reaching sky high while the powers DISCOs under the aegis of the WAPDA are with a purpose writhing the nerves of the poor masses by adding worst of suffocation behind doors.
The warned the K-Electric and WAPDA to stop agonizing the people and treating them as their subjects or else they would have no time to escape the wrath of the masses.
In their appeal to the Supreme Court of Pakistan, the PPP leaders sought quick intervention for revoking the privatization of K-Electric and due suo moto notice on the entire scheme for the privatization of the K-Electric.


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