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Those friends fighting proxy war are real threat to Pakistan: PPP MNAs

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Karachi. 9.5.2016: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) MNAs Shahjehan Balouch and Dr Shahida Rehmani said the brutal murder of human rights activist Shaheed Khurram Zaki in daylight is a perfect manifest of religious intolerance in Pakistani society. The killers have achieved multi-faceted goals with Shaheed Zaki’s assassination. The killers have conveyed a strong message to the law enforcement agencies and the security forces that they are present in large number and could challenge their writ anytime. The killers have also damaged the soft image of Pakistan at international level.
In a statement issued from PPP Media Cell Sindh, the MNAs said that the government, the civil society and the security forces should realize that the real threat to Pakistan is from those enemies that are claiming to be Pakistan’s close friends but they are fighting their proxy war inside Pakistan for which they are heavily funding their non-state actors.
They said that it is no secret that which religious extremist organizations are after having been banned and declared as terroprist organizations working in garb of political parties and are providing political shelter to the terrorists and target killers.
They said these extremist organizations are at the behest of their foreign masters staging war against the secular, liberal and progressive people of Pakistan so that they could impose their self-define radical Islam.
The PPP MPAs expressed hopes that as the law enforcers had arrested the killers of Safoora Goth carnage and T2F Director Shaheed Sabeen Mehmood, the killers of Shaheed Zaki would also be apprehended soon and brought to justice.


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