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PPP demands PK bye-elections under army supervision

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Islamabad, May 9, 2016: Former Prime Minister and Secretary General Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians Raja Pervaiz Ashraf has demanded Chief Election Commissioner to hold the bye elections in constituency PK-08 for Provincial Assembly seat under the supervision of army as law and order situation in the constituency is getting serious due to the fact that ruling party candidate is manipulating government resources in the elections. This might cause a backlash by the opposition.

The full text of Former Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf’s letter to the Chief Election Commissioner is as follows:-

“Bye election PK-08 Peshawar-III, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has been scheduled for May 12, 2016. The electoral contest has turned out to be a straight fight with the ruling party candidate who is damaging the campaign of Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians candidate by using the resources of the PK Government.

“As you are aware the area of Peshawar is also plagued with serious law and order issues. Indeed it is infested with militancy having witnessed a number of suicide/militant’s attacks in the recent past.

“It is natural that the ruling party candidate in the province will desperately seek to win the seat. The Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians apprehends that in its desperation the ruling party will be tempted to pressurize the local administration to manipulate election process and results. Any attempt at manipulation by the ruling coalition is likely to provoke backlash from the opposition parties that will only exacerbate the already precarious law and order situation in the area.

“The PPP believes that is will be in the interest of holding free and fair elections if the polls are held under the supervision of the Army as provided under the law, it is, therefore, requested that the bye election in PK-08 may kindly be held under the supervision of the Army.”


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