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Okara Military Farms: Sen. Taj Haider demands for peasants’s right of ownership

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Karachi. 4.6.2016: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Senator Taj Haider while showing solidarity with the peasants of highly rich and fertilized agricultural land in district Okara in Punjab said they have been harvesting this land even before the creation of Pakistan and hence they are the sole legal owners of the land.
In a statement issued here Wednesday, Senator Haider said that the Anjuman Muzarieen Punjab has always raised its voice against atrocities of these peasants of Okara Military Farms and has struggled for the legal ownership of these peasants of Okara Military Farms. Even women have also playd a pivotal role in this struggle.
He said that among more than a million peasants are also Christians and they are struggling for their rights with great manifest of unity. It is rule that the peasants harvesting on Okara Military Land for over a century is itself a certificate of their ownership of this precious land but the Military Farms management has been using all crooked methods for evicting this land from the peasants and the peasants have been booked in fake criminal cases while many have been enforced to disappear.
Senator Haider said that the Okara Military Farms land is the property of Punjab Board of revenue but the Punjab Government does not want to accept their right of ownership on this land.
he demanded that the [peasants should immediately be given the right of ownership of their land and those in enforced disappearances should immediately be recovered.


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