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PTI’s anti-corruption campaign: PPP terms it a new episode of ‘Insafi Theater Company’

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Karachi. 26.4.2016: Pakistan people’s Party (PPP) MPAs Khairun Nisa Mughal, Ghazala Sayal and Shamim Mumtaz while commenting on the recent move from the PTI for the launch of ant-corruption movement in Pakistan starting from Sindh, said the script writer of Insafi Theatre Company is predominantly obsessed with an instinct of creating newer ideas of mockery. There are some characters in this Insafi Theater Company, who have plans to see the genuine PTI workers die of heat while they keep leading them in air-conditioned cars and are blue eyed of a selective section of our local media.
In a statement issued from PPP Media Cell Sindh, the PPP MPAs said that it is the tradition of Imran Niazi to create an uproar over a particular situation and then suddenly disappear from the scene. The PTI Chairman had in past staged a 120-day long sit-in at Islamabad and raised his demands for Prime Minister’s resignation. However, he preferred to declare his marriage to be the real creation of a new Pakistan and then he returned to his super luxurious residence at Bani Gala while leaving his workers and a mess behind.
Today, when the entire nation is expecting to see investigations with regard to Panama Leaks, The Insafi Theater has changed the directions and started an anti-corruption movement starting from Sindh. The nation is waiting to see if the Insafi Theater Company would also reach Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa to dig out the corruption or not.
The PPP MPAs advised the script writer of the Insafi Theater Company to ask the PTI leaders to do the politics of issues and should stop diverting people’s attention from the internal rifts and battle.
They also advised the parachuters to stop putting lives of PTI’s workers in jeopardy and if they believe they are serving the nation and the country then they should also step out from their air-conditioned cars and march under the scorching sun along with the workers. If they could not do it, they should also not test the nerves of the workers and the people.


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