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PPP asks if the state is helpless or KE has the license to kill

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Karachi. 23.4.2016: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) MNAs Shah Jehan Balouch and Shahida Rehmani have severely criticised the Karachi Electric for shedding load for prolonged hours amid intense heat wave in Karachi. The KE is responsible for more than 1200 civilian casualties during heat stroke during past summer and the national electric power regulatory authority had in its report submitted in Sindh High Court admitted that the KE is responsible and hence a fine of Rs.10 million was imposed.

In a statement issued from the PPP Media Cell Sindh, they said that despite the fact that the NEPRA held KE as responsible for more than 1200 civilian casualties and the report was submitted in the SHC, still the KE has no fear and it seems as if the company has been issued a license to kill and to loot the consumers on the pattern of Baddoos.

The PPP MNAs said on the other hand, the state seems to be quite weaker to control the KE. The citizens are just in asking whether the cost of lives of 1200 civilians is just Rs.10 million and until when the state would keep eyes shut from the loot of the KE.

They said the citizens also ask the judiciary as why it has failed to do justice to the aggrieved families of those 1200 civilians whose death was at the hands of the KE and why appropriate action is delayed despite the fact that the NEPRA’s report is in SHC and eye-opening.

They said that the meteorology department had already issued warning for high temperature in Karachi on three days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday with temperature at 38 to 40 Celsius but still the KE does not follow the precautionary steps for uninterrupted supply of electricity so as to help the consumers escape the deadly heat stroke inside congested homes.

The PPP MNAs appealed to the media to do not compromise over lives of the civilians on the basis of petty commercials from the KE but should expose the company for its anti-masses and anti-state activities and plans.

They also appealed to the Chief Justices of the SHC and Supreme Court to take notice of KE’s atrocities on the helpless consumers and do the justice to the people of the city.


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