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Martyrdom of 7 cops on anti-polio volunteers security: Faryal Talpur urges LEAs for speedy action against terrorists

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Karachi. 20.4.2016: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader MNA Faryal Talpur has expressed her profound grief over the martyrdom of 7 cops, who were on security of the volunteers of the anti-polio drive in Bangla Bazar in Orangi Town in Karachi.
She also vehemently condemned this terror attack and the terrorists, who martyred the cops in ambush.
In a statement issued Wednesday, Talpur said the coward terrorist wanted to leave a message to the state that they could challenge the writ of the government any time but they are fool enough to think so because the law enforcers are chasing them wildly and that their days are numbered. The terrorists, who martyred 7 cops and other personnel of the law enforcement agencies (LEA), would very soon face the music.
She paid rich tribute to the martyred cops for their gallantry and for offering their lives to a noble cause of protecting the children from the deadly polio virus.
She said the LEAs are fully determined for eliminating the menace of terrorism from the country and it is their national spirit, which has defeated the terrorists everywhere. The terrorists are now on the run in extremely confused state but they won’t find a place to hide them.
The PPP MNA Faryal Talpur urged upon the LEAs to use all means available and make a manifest of their devotedness for bringing the culprits to their logical end.

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