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“Panama Leak has once again highlighted how the Sharif family and other major players in the corporate world are smuggling national wealth abroad for making investments outside the country”, Senator Taj Haider

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Karachi. 6.4.2016: “Panama Leak has once again highlighted how the Sharif family and other major players in the corporate world are smuggling national wealth abroad for making investments outside the country”, General Secretary Pakistan People’s Party Sindh, Senator Taj Haider said in a press statement issued today. Transfer of national wealth and its investment abroad was a major factor in causing endemic poverty, ignorance, disease and hunger in the country.
Those who want to invest in Pakistan raise its production and exports; create employment opportunities, those who pay their taxes honestly and bring foreign investment to Pakistan are being ruthlessly punished as a government policy, he said, adding that the fate of Axact group and BOL television, dismantling of the 1.3 million tons per year capacity Tawarki Steel Mills, closure of PASMIC, the horrible production, employment, and revenue loss caused by the IMF dictated privatization of 169 industrial units, the handing over of 80 percent of banking industry in foreign hands creating a fresh conduit for transfer of national wealth, the jump in imports in spite of global decrease in oil prices are some of the examples of the national economic disaster caused by the PML (N).
Senator Taj Haider questioned why national companies were being denied contracts in spite of their lowest bids and foreign companies were being accommodated at high prices in the ‘so called’ mega development projects of this government.
He further asked as why foreign companies were being given contracts to build monstrous elevated highways and to supply busses at astronomical prices?
He questioned whether there is no facility in Pakistan which can build busses and can’t we run them on ground level in transport lanes dedicated for public transport as they do in the richest cities of the World and why the Pakistan Railways cannot be given the contract for 160 billion Lahore Orange Line project?
Pakistan had seen countless Judicial Commissions with zero results. The art of mudslinging on others perfected by PML (N) is not proving good enough to hide and cover up their own wrongdoings. Major policy decisions are overdue, he commented.
Senator Haider asked if we might endeavor to retain and invest national wealth in our own country.
He asked if we might mobilize national financial and natural resources for need based development and put a check on unbridled imports and concentrate on raising national production and exports.
We at national and personal levels practice austerity or shall we continue to waste our borrowed resources on fancy projects and fashionable living styles, he urged.
These are simple yet some of the very basic questions. Notwithstanding the creation of any number of Judicial Commissions these questions have to be positively addressed if Pakistan has to be pulled out of its abysmal economic downfall, Senator Taj Haider concluded.

Author: PPP Social Media Cell /FAA

Official Social Media Cell of Pakistan Peoples Party

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