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PPP asks NAB, FIA to take action against KE’s anti-state plans

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Karachi. 12.3.2016: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Karachi Division President Najmi Alam, General Secretary Nadeem Bhutto, Secretary Information Lateef Mughal, Deputy Secretary Information Manzoor Abbas have termed the prolonged load shedding in Karachi by Karachi Electric (KE) as dangerous for the economy, law and order of the country.
The people are waiting to see as when the national accountability bureau (NAB) and federal investigation agency (FIA) would start looking into the conspiracy of creating devastating circumstances in Karachi by the KE.
They said the KE has with the onset of summer has started shedding load in frequent hours for multiple hours especially during water supply hours in the city, which is a planned scheme of the KE to create unrest among the Karachiites and bring them on streets against elected government.
They said after suspension of water supply from Hub Dam owing to lack of rains, Sindh government devised strategy for meeting city’s needs for water through alternate means but the KE has with an aim stared shedding load to fail sindh government.
The masses in Karachi are facing acute water shortage, which is artificially worsened by the KE. The KE has completely failed to ensure uninterrupted electricity supply to its consumers despite atrocities on them in form of highly inflated electricity bills.
They asked the NAB and FIA to also start their actions against the KE, which is grossly involved in malpractices, loot and creating artificial water and power crisis in Karachi.


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