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PPP warns of repercussion on imposing Presidential system

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Karachi. 8.3.2016: The conservative and short-sighted elements have once again emerged on screens with an old conspiracy in a new envelop so that they could derail the democracy and impose the Presidential system in Pakistan. This is a quite dreadful plot that needs to be fully condemned and the democratic forces believing in the Parliamentary democracy should rise up against this new conspiracy and the conspirators.
Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) provincial assembly members Dr Sohrab Serki, Fayyaz Ali Butt and Sajid Jokhio while showing grave concern said this in a statement issued from the PPP Media Cell Sindh, Tuesday.
They said the deliberate speech made in recent days on the imposition of the Presidential system is bearing cadaverous smelling plots against the democracy in Pakistan, they commented. The conspiracies for creating factions in political parties would not yield any fruit and is entirely dangerous for the country.
They warned that no single individual or a pack of elements is authorised to talk about the Presidential system and showing open support for wrapping up the democracy from the country because they are the masses alone to decide and if the frustrated elements won’t stop conspiring then the country would get into the state of anarchy, which would dangerous for the sovereignty and sanctity of the country.
They said that Pakistan is already not finished repairing the damages done to it during the previously imposed Presidential rule and the democratic parties have been working hard for the repair of the damage till date.
They said it looks as if the conspiracies that were once hatched in 1990s are being resumed, which the PPP won’t accept and would resist with full force to protect the democratic system.


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