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Former President Asif Ali Zardari felicitated Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy

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Islamabad, 29 February 2016: Former President Pakistan and President Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians Asif Ali Zardari has felicitated Pakistani film maker Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy for winning second Oscar for her documentary “A girl in the river: The price of forgiveness”.

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy had won her first Oscar in 2012 for her documentary “Saving Face”. Ms. Chinoy has depicted social problems in Pakistani society. Her first award winning documentary was on the social evil of acid throwing on women and her second award winning documentary is on the social evil of honor killing.

Former President appreciating Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy said that Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy is a brave and conscientious woman who has been working and highlighting sensitive subjects which are denigrating Pakistani society. It is unfortunate that such crimes still occur in 21st century. These acts are against Islamic teachings and no society in the world can permit such crimes to continue. These acts are heinous crimes against women particularly and humanity in general.

Asif Ali Zardari said winning second Oscar in five years is a great distinction. This award gives Pakistan a positive image, he said.


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