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Sen. Taj Haider asks PPP Wards officers to engage in Census process

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Karachi. 24.2.2016: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) General Secretary and Senator Taj Haider has through his press statement issued instructions to the Census monitoring committees from Ward to District levels to make toiling efforts for transparent house count process of the Census as it is the first phase of the Census. He also asked them to stay in close coordination with the teams assigned for completing the Census.
Senator Haider said that according to Census Commissioner of the province, there would be one team that would conduct the first phase f house counting and counting the citizens individually in the second phase. The names, computerised national identity cards and cell phone numbers of members of those teams would be displayed at the website of the Census Commission of Pakistan. At present, such lists f members of teams are being prepared at the offices of Tehsil Assistant Commissioners.
He asked the Tehsil and District levels President of the PPP to approach the Assistant Commissioners at their Tehsil or District respectively for obtaining details about the members of Census conducting teams and play their best role for making the Census transparent at the Ward level.


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