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Sen. Haider for full implementation on 5pc job quota for minority

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Karachi. 23.2.2016: A National Lobbying Delegation for Minority Rights called on Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Sindh chapter General Secretary and senator Taj Haider at his office at Karachi on Tuesday.
The National Lobbying Delegation for Minority Rights was led by Marylou Andrew and Vajeesh Pertap, Nixon and Irfan Nayyer were in the delegation.
The delegation informed the PPP Senator of lack of implementation on 5 percent quota in jobs as reserved under the law.
The delegation informed that some departments are not even aware that it is mandatory for them to ensure the implementation of the reserved quota as per the resolution passed by the Sindh Assembly on Feb 6, 2015, which clearly states, “This House resolves that the Provincial Government ensure implementation of 5 percent quota reserved for minority in employment in government jobs in the Province.”
Even when implemented, the quota is being misused, and in order to make up the 5 percent, minority community members are generally employed as sweepers, the delegation said, adding that although, it is mandatory for government departments to state the quota in every job advertisement, this is done on an ad hoc basis.
It is important for the 5 percent job quota for minorities to be implemented in order to help raise their social and financial status in the society, said Andrew.
Senator Haider having noted the concerns of the delegation said that all departments have to ensure speedy and full implementation on the reserved 5 percent job quota and there should be no excuse of ignoring the minority with regard to their rights that have also been protected in the law.
He said the PPP is the sole political party in the country that has salient agenda for the welfare and social uplift of the minority and above all the PPP alone provides a very dynamic platform for the political, social and all other activities to the minority.
The PPP Senator, who has been very vocal on the subject of inter-religion harmony and equal rights for all Pakistanis whether in majority or in minority, said that it is high time to promote the inter-religion harmony and different religions should be engaged in dialogue and social interaction on regular basis.
He strongly advocated for a minority convention.


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