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PPP AJK Min Info warns PMLN of repercussion for anti-Kashmere policy

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Karachi. 15.2.2016: Azad Kashmere information minister Sardar Abid Hussain Abid has said the federal ministers of the incumbent government of the PMLN in centre have been purposely insulting the Kashmiris through their foul and offensive language and on one occasion, these federal ministers have called Kashmiris as ‘Pahari Bakra’ (Mountain goats) and their ambitions are high for creating a division in Azad Kashmere.
He was giving a press conference at the PPP Media Cell Sindh on Monday. He was flanked by PPP Azad Kashmere Sindh Zone President Chaudhry Mir Haider, General Secretary Sardar Nazakat, PPP Karachi Division Secretary Information Lateef Mughal, Deputy Secretary Information Manzoor Abbas and others.
He said the PPP had almost a month ago chalked out its plan for political procession but on the day when the PPP produced the rally, relatives, friends and PMLN’s workers pelted stones on the rally. Subsequent to which, one PPP activist had died on the spot while 6 others were seriously injured and are in critical conditions at a local hospital in Azad Kashmere.
On the appeal of Azad Kashmere Prime Minister Chaudhry Abdul Majeed, Kashmiris are observing a Black day across the valley.
He said the PPP had ruled the Valley for many times and federal ministers from the PP had also been visiting the valley of Kashmere but they never used a single derogatory word against anyone. It is obvious that the federal ministers of the PMLN’s government in centre are under the nose of the Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif playing tricks to create a division and occupy the Kashmere valley.
He warned of severe repercussions of such atrocities on the Kashmiris by the PMLN’s federal ministers and the PMLN’s federal government. Henceforth the democratic institutions in powers have to take notice of this particular scheme of the PMLN in Kashmere.
He said the Indian PM Modi had announced development package worth trillions for the occupied Jammu and Kashmere despite the fact that the government there is hostile to Modi but in Pakistan, the PMLN’s federal government is conspiring against PPP’s government in Azad Kashmere.
He said PM Nawaz Sharif when in government had always loved to victimize the PPP but today the are victimizing the Kashmiri nation.


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