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The Government (Pvt.) Ltd. – by Saad Kalhoro

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imageShameful it is for the present leadership of the federal government of Pakistan to be called the democratic leaders of this state, when mostly having the mindset for handing over the national assets of our country to the private world for their own interest at the least cost possible.The current chaos for the PIA is nonetheless created by themselves, when they are privatizing such an asset by selling off the airline company, not thinking about the employees of the institution who have given their whole lives in creating such an airline, not thinking about they are the stakeholders too, an airline famous for the world for giving a helping hand to create the leading airlines present still.
How can one even have the nerve to sell something that has our country’s flag shining upon and travelling the world.

Then comes the time when the employees having nowhere to go but to protest for their right, for the company’s right truly deserved, still private sharif not looking through the eyes of the nation going on with the unjustified decision he’s taking.

Also being so hypocrite to the nation, previously when they were not in the federal government came onto the roads themselves to protest on the same thing for NOT to privatize the golden asset, now see who’s working for his own interests.

The flight operations have been temporarily shut down causing immense disturbance for the citizens of our country also having so much loss for the treasury of the company itself. Still the government has the nerves to NOT negotiate and taking such serious steps to physically stop the protest injuring so many and even killed some, what was their mistake?

If fighting for the true right, fighting for the justice is the mistake then afraid to say this is not the democratic government, they should be withdrawn immediately.

So easily having the respected employees killed and injuring them, where is democracy? Nothing can justify this term while having such leaders on the supreme authorization.

Corruption at its peak when introducing projects like Metro Islamabad-Rawalpindi, Replica of the Disney Park in Lahore, Orange Line that is going to create a lot distress for the country in the coming days, Seriously? Are these the real priorities for our country which still being called the “Third World Country”, Where is the education? Where is Health?

Pakistan still in the list of the few countries where polio still lives, They are all for being the paindus and just worry about the food what to eat in the next meal time.

Shame on you for thinking to sell that green flag present in the golden assets of our country, Shame on you for being such corrupt, Shame on you for being a foodie yourself while the country starving.

Get your priorities set accordingly in the favor of the country rather than favoring yourself. And do not call yourself a democratic leader while opting dictatorship.

Long Live Democracy.


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