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Bilawal Bhutto condemns the highhandedness of Punjab administration to snatch the mandate of PPP in South Punjab

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KARACHI, January 29: Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party has condemned the highhandedness of Punjab administration to snatch the mandate of PPP in South Punjab and warned PML-N that options for his Party will be open if our mandate was not accepted.

PPP Chairman was talking over telephone to Makhdoom Ahmed Mehmood, President PPP South Punjab who complained that police, administration and Punjab government have launched a revenge campaign against the Party Chairmen and other elected local government representatives. The Punjab regime is forcing our elected Chairmen and councilors to resign in a bid to deprive PPP of it majority in local councils, Makhdoom informed the PPP Chairman.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari took strong notice of the intimidation and victimization of the elected councilors and Chairmen of the PPP in Punjab, especially in South Punjab and exhorted the workers and leaders to stand up like rock against the PMLN’s strong-arm tactics.

He said that such bullying tactics on the part of PMLN against PPP Jiyalas and workers were nothing new and the Party had faced even worst conditions in the past but always stood united and fearlessly foiled such attempts.

PPP Chairman asked Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif that repeating the 90’s politics will be a big mistake by him and warned him to desist from such nefarious moves otherwise, his own mandate may be put to questions.


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