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PPP demands ruthless accountability of K-Electric

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Karachi. 26.1.2016: The privatisation of K-Electric has wreaked havoc on the nation and Pakistan not less than the damage done by the extremism and terrorism but still the K-Electric is enjoying full support from the incumbent federal government, NEPRA and federal water and power ministry. No national institution is paying any heed to the sabotaging attitude of the K-Electric. It is imperative that the K-Electric should be held under strict accountability so as to save the people and the country from any more devastation.
Pakistan People’s Party MPAs Jawaid Nagori, Sajid Jokhio, Shaheena Sher Ali and Shamim Mumtaz said this in their statement issued from the PPP Media Cell SindhTuesday.
They said it is routine for the K-Electric to mint money from the consumers through inflated electricity bills and creating joblessness through prolonged load shed on Karachi’s industry.
A step forward, the K-Electric has very silently worsened the gap among different sections of the society such as among residents and consumers of city’s well-off areas and low-income parts by making the well-off areas free from load shed despite line losses and enhancing prolonged load shed in low-income areas despite paying the electricity bills on time and quite regularly, they added.
The PPP MPAs while giving a warning to the Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif asked him to stop privatizing PIA and other national strategic institutions and should keep the effects of privatisation of the K-Electric, which has ruined the country.


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