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“Terrorist’s Province”, Really Mr.CM? – by Saad Kalhoro

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imageWho to Blame?

The continuous attacks on the unarmed and innocent people of our nation by the so called terrorist who do so in the name of Allah while giving Nara-e-Takbeer “Allah-o-Akbar”, does our religion directs us to do such a shameful act?

Today when we wakeup to hear such a news where some bunch of people attacking the Bacha Khan University.

Now we’ve been through such situation when a year earlier institute APS was targeted by the same source killed the learners and the teachers, hardly when we tried to dry the tears off yet again the source forced us to witness a similar situation.

Still our beloved Tabdeeli government headed by Mr. Imran Khan, who happens to lead the Province, has the nerves to negotiate peace with the terrorist organization since day one, he is known for his so called educated governance, where its Chief Minister still addresses the terrorists that KPK is their Province, yeah right, they see, they come, and they conquer!

Is this what he meant by Tabdeeli? Our country was targeted by the terrorists long before they came, but such shameful act had never been done even by them,

Claiming to have the best law enforcement system in the country, do we need such system where we stop the bribing but let our beloved talibs into the state? Where stands the humanity? I don’t hear Tabdeeli anymore but “Taliban aa nai rahey, Taliban aa gaye hein”,

Taliban are our brothers, we will educate their children, look what they did to ours. Is it so easy to target such a province claimed to be governed by such competent and educated political party? I doubt the abbreviation of such party PTI known as Pakistan Taliban Ittehad rather than they calling it the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf, where is the justice done, if such situations are called justice we don’t need them,

I feel ashamed called a citizen of such country where a fellow citizen still wants to negotiate with the Talibans and bringing up such campaigns to educate and make peace with them, not having the eye what our citizens are going through.

Negotiating with the terrorists is TERRORISM, Not DEMOCRACY.

Shame on you KPK government, Shame on PTI.


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