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Passage of Tax Amnesty Scheme & PIA’s Privatisation Bills: PMLN’s Federal Government working against country’s interests: PPP MNAs

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Karachi. 22.1.2016: The federal government of the PMLN has while exploiting the strength of simple majority in the national assembly got two Bills passed, one for paving ways forward for the privatisation of national flag carrier Pakistan International Airlines and the other for facilitating the corrupt elements to get their black money converted as white money under the complete legal cover of laws. In fact, the PMLN has created a situation for the justification of selling the national strategic institutions and rendering the national integrity and country’s sovereignty vulnerable to threats. Sooner or later, millions of people would be compelled to become jobless and then face acute starvation. The PMLN has made laws to leave the country on mercy of the IMF.
However, the PMLN’s federal government should not forget that Pakistan is not a colony of the IMF and what devastations the PMLN’s federal government is bringing to the state of Pakistan would ruin it alone, not the country. Sooner, the PMLN would also be seen nowhere and would face the repercussions of its anti-Pakistan policies and programmes, they said.
In a statement issued from PPP Media Cell Sindh, PPP MNAs Mir Ijaz Hussain Jakhrani, Sardar Rafiq Ahmed Khan Jamali and Nazeer Bughio said it is not enough for the federal government of the PMLF but it has also got a Bill made as law for support to the corrupt elements that have heaps of black money and now they would easily whiten their black money under the federal law, the Tax Amnesty Scheme.
They said that the federal government is on one hand invading Sindh on the pretext of fiscal corruption and terror financing but on the other it is providing great opportunity to extortionists, profiteers and smugglers, human traffickers to make their black money as legal.
They said the PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari had right said that the national action plan was indeed an action plan of the PMLN for Sindh and the passage of Tax Amnesty Scheme has endorsed his words.
They said that after the passage of Tax Amnesty Scheme Bill from the national assembly, the federal institutions such as national accountability bureau and federal investigation agency have lost the meanings of their presence and hence they should be made obsolete, as well.
They said that the PMLN’s federal government has now opened venues for countrywide protest to save the national institutions and sovereignty of the state. The PPPP would in this regard start a motivational campaign to raise the nation for the defence of national strategic institutions.


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