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Powers of mayor: PPP can’t be intimidated, dictated: Najmi Alam

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Karachi. 18.1.2016: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) is democratically elected peoples’ government and none could intimidate or dictate it. Democracy is in its preliminary stage in Pakistan and it is need of the hour that all the democratic forces and parties should not make compromises on democracy and should continue their struggle by restricting them within the ambit of the constitutions because nothing is allowed or acceptable above and beyond the constitution.
PPP Karachi Division President Syed Najmi Alam and General Secretary Nadeem Bhutto said this in a joint statement issued from the PPP Media Cell Sindh Monday.
The elements that are making hue and cry over a presumed notion about the powers of the Mayor-to be of Karachi should also show some serenity in their talks, attitude and work because they have contested the local bodies elections in strict accordance to the law that was passed from the Sindh assembly with majority of votes.
They said the PPP has always believed in democracy and judiciary and would accept courts’ order if any. However, Sindh government has neither refused to give nor intends to impede the smooth transfer of the powers as per the Sindh Local Government Ordinance-2013.
The elements that are criticizing the PPP and Sindh government should avoid the politics of confrontation and should work for the welfare of the people and development of the province.


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