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Sen. Mushahidullah must tender apology to people of Sindh for insulting remarks:PPP

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Sen. Mushahidullah must tender apology to people of Sindh for insulting remarks: PPP
Karachi. 13.1.2016: Pakistan People’s Party Karachi Division President Syed Najmi Alam, General Secretary Nadeem Bhutto and  Secretary Information Lateef Mughal  while condemning PMLN’s Senator Mushahidullah Khan for his derogatory statements against the people of Sindh said the Senator had also in recent past made unethical statement against Sindh provincial government but the later ignored it and gave no reaction. However, the Senator Khan has once again made a statement in which he has ridiculed and insulted the people of Sindh on which the PPP won’t stop showing strong reaction and would ask him to tender unconditional apology from the people of Sindh as he had stated that Sindh is sunk in filth and garbage.
In a statement issued from the PPP Media Cell Sindh, they said that it has been a misery of the country that certain establishment-made political parties and some so-called politicians have been declaring the people of Sindh as living dead, demanding from them to be ashamed of using their democratic right of electing their representatives through ballot and inciting them to be violent in politics.

They advised Senator Khan that he should quit his post as Senator, which he has been given as charity and should join the Pakistan Tehreek-e Insaf because the later is the most appropriate party as per his mental health and use of foul language.

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