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Mystery of Thar & Actual Reality – By Tahir Khattak

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Death haunts Tharparkar as more than 300 children died of Malnutrition, astonished by such statements as they circulated in National and International media, We decided to visit Thar desert to provide aid and to get to the core reason of certain deaths. Accompanied by my classmates, professors, medicines and food, considering malnutrition major cause, we started journey towards Tharparkar. Contrary to the impression presented by media about condition of roads, we were surprised to see that we reached our destination faster than estimated time, owing to smooth and well maintained roads. After reaching Thar desert, we noticed that reality was far from what was portrait by media. We went to communities of Muslims and Hindus situated miles apart and provided them with basic necessities, we also interviewed natives and collected information about up going circumstances.
We came to know that Tharparkar was facing drought from 2 year leading to occurrence of natural disease in children. Causes also included birth asphyxia, low birth weight, respiratory distress syndrome, diarrhea and pneumonia.  Another basic issue was lack of appropriate family planning. We found that men preferred working in urban areas leaving responsibility of children to women who felt over-burdened and found that difficult to control such a number of children with house chores, unbalanced and unhealthy diet, shorter birth gaps and limited resources. In case of sickness, mothers found that difficult to get aid from hospitals as they were located at distance from locality thus leading to health problems and high death rate.
We met M.S of a local hospital who agreed that whenever any child expires even naturally, few staff members inform media because of their personal interests, claiming that death to be a consequence of Malnutrition and negligence of government.
 Natives of Tharparkar specifically mentioned and appreciated R.O plants installed by Sindh Government in almost every part of that deserted land. We were filled with gratitude by their warm hospitality. I am looking forward to meet them again as the situation of Tharparkar is now in control which is not only due to government’s concern but also because its people are working hard for improving quality of their life.

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