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The Man Holding the Golden Wings

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Its been quite a time while we remember this date of 5th Jan when a man deserving this title was born in the rural areas of Larkana, Sindh then called India (under the British rule), Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto third son of Sir Shah Nawaz Bhutto, having the ambition like Jinnah’s, Studying in the British rule, saw the partition, then off he goes to California for his studies where he gets his interests in Political Science in 1950. Keeping in mind that he was already married before coming to the United States for his studies, while after the political studies he manages to go to the United Kingdom where he accomplishes his degrees in LLB following the LLM and MSc in political sciences,

The high interests to the politics pulled him through to make it to the United Nations, designated as the Youngest representative for Pakistan to the U.N. Time where a man making it to the federal cabinet in his young ages, for a country that came into being not elder than his own age, aced whatever came in the way with the portfolios of Commerce and Trade, Water and Power, Communications and Industries, Foreign Affairs for the Country, coming across several dictators he was made the President of Pakistan when he came back from a U.S visit overcoming Yahya’s Rule.

Designated as the first civilian giving this country the true constitution it deserved, giving the citizens Passports, the identity what we truly deserved, the country what Jinnah had dreamt of, where the citizens would have their own rights, everyone could roam around freely, would be in a democratic state.

Man having the credit of being a true democratic leader, sweeping the whole country with his new born political party called the “People’s Party”, with the whole world having eyes on this country just cause of the one personality “Bhutto”,

He who had the vision of bringing the Islamic states together, scaring up the world truly by showing the unity of the badass leaders of the world consisting of Qaddafi, Yasser Arafat, Shah Faisal and more who could be said the friends of our nation cause of this man.

This Man holding up his cigar is the main reason behind making this country a nuclear state, while fighting the whole world to make it a better place for the people already living here, despite some still crying over the East Pakistan issue, really did not have the nerves to see what came their way.

Within a flying time Bhutto was not just a name but became a term widely spread across the country, Bhuttoism was immensely occupied in the vessels of this nation, and therefore the term was made immortal, though his vision never died, the leadership went onto his eldest daughter Benazir who was martyred too for the sake democracy.

Bilawal succeeding his mother as the chairman of the Party, fighting accordingly to bring up the reconciliation within the nation, as the country where dictators have been ruling for their pleasures; Bilawal making up to his predecessors in this young age is nonetheless a challenge but bearing in mind Leader like Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was too handed the extreme powers which later on groomed him.

This day today on 5th January 1928 the man holding the golden wings was born for the sake of a pure nation as called by our ancestors “Pakistan.”

May peace be upon our country,

Long Live Democracy.


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