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Former President Asif Zardari’s message on 88th birth anniversary of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

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Message on 88th birth anniversary of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

Zardari calls for protecting the constitutional scheme and for across the board accountability of all

Islamabad January 4, 2016: On the eve of the 88th birth anniversary of Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto on Tuesday January 5, I urge the people particularly the youth to study the political philosophy of the country’s first directly elected Prime Minister with a view to drawing inspiration for overcoming the myriad social, economic and political challenges facing the country today.

Shaheed Bhutto believed that power belongs to the people. Today we reiterate our pledge that we will not allow any individual or institution to usurp the power that belongs to the people and people alone, he said in a statement today.

Spokesperson Senator Farhatullah Babar quoted the former President as saying that the PPP will not permit the fanatics to usurp that power in the name of religion. We will also not allow any individual or institution to usurp this power on any pretext whatsoever, he said.

Shaheed Bhutto gave the country a unanimous Constitution. It envisages that the power to make or amend the Constitution and the laws on behalf of the people rests with the Parliament and Parliament alone, he said.

The judiciary has the powers to review the laws made by the parliament on the touchstone of the Constitution but it cannot make laws on its own. And the executive has to implement those laws without interference.

Today on the eve of the birth anniversary of Shaheed Bhutto we reiterate our pledge to stoutly protect this Constitutional scheme of things.

On this occasion I should also like to say that the PPP believes that corruption is a scourge that must be eliminated.

However, for far too long only the representatives of the people have been painted black in the name of corruption.

Selective accountability, sacred cow syndrome, double standards and using corruption for political re-engineering are the worst forms of corruption. It must be resisted. It will be.

We should also address issues in intellectual corruption. Those who upheld the constitutional deviations under PCO, validated take over by dictators and undermined national security through non state actors must also be held accountable.

Finally, today the PPP pays homage to all citizens and political workers who have rendered huge sacrifices in the fight against tyranny and for standing by democracy, he said.


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