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139th birth anniversary of the Quaid: Asif Zardari calls for respect for constitutionalism

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139th birth anniversary of the Quaid

Asif Zardari calls for respect for constitutionalism

Deplores the unconstitutional invasion of Sindh by the central government

Islamabad December 24, 2015: Former President Asif Ali Zardari has called upon the people to adhere to the principles of the Quaid namely democracy, constitutionalism and rule of law and to banish forever the militant and extremist mindset.

He said this in his message of the eve of the 139th birth anniversary of father of nation, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah on Friday December 25.

The Father of the Nation Mohammed Ali Jinnah had envisioned a democratic and progressive Pakistan where there will be constitutionalism and rule of law and where every citizen will have equal opportunities to advance without any prejudice of religion, cast and creed. The need to follow this philosophy was never as great as it is now.

It is a sad thought on this Quaid day that the cherished principle of constitutionalism so dear to the Father of the Nation has been trampled by the central government by invading the province of Sindh against the letter and spirit of the constitution.

The nation will slip into the quagmire of instability and uncertainty if the constitution was trampled in this manner, he warned.

On this occasion we also reiterate our resolve to fight the enemies within who seek to destroy the state in the name of religion. We pay homage to all those in the armed forces, the police, the civilian law enforcing agencies and the people who have made huge sacrifices in the fight against extremists and militants.

On this occasion I urge the people forge unity in their ranks, reject attempts to undermine the Constitution. I also urge the people to reject the militant’s narrative of religion and protect and preserve the values for which Pakistan was created by its founding fathers under the leadership of the Quaid e Azam.

The Pakistan People’s Party reiterates its resolve to protect and preserve the Constitution and fight extremism to the finish. Every worker of the Party will continue to fight for these values to make Pakistan a truly democratic state where constitutionalism and rule of law reign supreme.


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