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SUMMARY ON RANGERS POWERS: Fed Govt’s reaction an affront to people, damaging democracy: Sen. Taj Haider

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Karachi. 23.12.2015: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Sindh chapter General Secretary and Senator Taj Haider has termed the rejection of a summary about powers of the paramilitary Rangers that was as per the resolution passed by the Sindh assembly by the federal government as an affront to the people of Sindh and it is tantamount to damaging the spirit of democracy.
In his statement issued from the PPP Media Cell Sindh, Senator Taj Haider asked the federal government to explain to the nation as why the federal government had put objections on that summary, which carried the necessity of seeking prior permission presenting proofs before the Sindh Chief Minister for arresting any suspect on suspicion for alleged involvement in terror financing. On the other hand, as per the clauses of the antiterrorism act, it is imperative to obtain prior permission from the government for proceeding towards actions.
He said whether the federal government that has come into powers and supported the terrorists to reorganize in the disguise of peace talks with Taliban and is still even today is patronizing the training camps of the terrorist groups is conspiring against the PPP by creating an impression that the PPP that always resisted the terror groups and offered tremendous sacrifices is involved in terror financing.
He said whether the federal government wants to ignore a fact that Sindh police had on directives of the Sindh Chief Minister nabbed terrorists, who carried Safoorah Carnage and their financers. Karachi is a gold mine and whenever the law enforcers conduct any major action, complaints about violations to the human rights, arbitrary arrests of the innocent and fiscal corruption are received. The raids on provincial public departments by the LEAs without information and permission from the Sindh Chief Minister have always raised questions on those raids and actions. Therefore, the elected Sindh assembly took a decision that prior to arresting the suspects on alleged involvement in terror financing, the LEAs should sek prior permission from the Sindh Chief Minister and before proceeding for the permission the LEAs should ensure availability of evidences enough for sanctioning the permission.
Senator Haider said the religious extremism and terrorism are two highly sensitive matters but sadly the patrons of the extremists and terrorists are unable to apprehend the complexity of the matters. Only those that faced the extremism and terrorism at all corners are capable of realizing the sensitivity of the matters.
He asked the federal government not to take the matter of summary on Rangers powers as personal, should respect the resolution on Rangers powers from the elected Sindh assembly and by avoiding any direct or indirect confrontation with the Sindh provincial government should support the Sindh provincial government for taking the ongoing targeted operation to its logic conclusion with success.

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