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KARACHI Dec, 16:  The Advisor to CM for Information Moula Bux Chandio said that the though law & order was the issue of whole country but the powers which delegated to Pakistan Rangers in Sindh have not been give in other province to implement on the National Action Plan. Despite of the fact the opposition parties tried to make this matter controversial by making hue & cry but all has been settled. He was addressing the press conference at CM House last night.

He said that  Sindh government has not curtailed the powers of the paramilitary Rangers but kept the same as were with them prior to the passage of a resolution on this subject from the Sindh assembly. Responding a question   Chandio said it was neither undemocratic nor unlawful to seek prior permission from the Chief Executive of the province for conducting nay action by the paramilitary Rangers. As well, the notification on powers of the paramilitary Rangers for action against terrorists would follow the passage of the resolution shortly. He said the provincial autonomy is an unavoidable and undeniable reality and since the amendment have already been made to the constitution of Pakistan, it is imperative to respect the provincial autonomy. He said the paramilitary Rangers have been given all the required powers as per the spirit of the National Action Plan.

Chandio while regretting on the rigid and frigid attitude of  some Minister of federal government said they  does not have a pro-democracy mindset. Sindh government has always appreciated the sacrifices offered by the paramilitary Rangers for the elimination of terrorism and never opposed them for their actions in this regard and it was also mentioned in the resolution.

 The advisor while also taking the law and order situation in other provinces asked was the situation of law and order in those provinces is ideal and were the angels are in governments in those provinces where situation is quite calm and tranquil if not, why not calling Pak Rangers. He asked as why the paramilitary Rangers are not allowed by the governments of other provinces and the federal government for actions against the terrorists and perpetrators involved in heinous crimes. Chandio said that the Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has assigned Pak Army to collect electricity bills. In fact, Army is a reputable national institution, which should not be made controversial.

He categorically asserted that since the Sindh government has asked the paramilitary Rangers to assist the Police, they have to act in accordance with the guidelines and instructions of the Sindh government. Chandio vowed that the targeted operation would not cease to exist until the last terrorist would get executed.

Author: PPP Social Media Cell /FAA

Official Social Media Cell of Pakistan Peoples Party

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