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A pack of frustrated elements making hue and cry over Rangers issue: MPAs

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Karachi. 17.12.2015: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) MPAs Jawaid Nagori, Sajid Jokhio and Sardar Muqeem Khan Khosso have said that the Sindh government for the first time in Pakistan’s history gave powers to the paramilitary Rangers, not through notification under executive order but from the Sindh assembly, the forum of the elected representatives of the people. The powers given to the Rangers are meant to chase the terrorist and eliminate the terrorism from the society.
In a statement issued from the PPP Media Cell Sindh, they said the port city of Karachi, which is the backbone of Pakistan’s economy had in past become vulnerable to terror bids by the terrorist organisations and the people and the traders of the city had lived in extreme fear and premonitions. The law enforcement agencies, police and Rangers had through dedicated efforts restored the law and order, which helped build confidence among the people and the businessmen.
They said the Rangers have been given powers under article 147 of the constitution to eliminate extortion, target killings, kidnapping for ransom and sectarian violence while for the cases of corruption, provincial anticorruption establishment is fully activated and is conducting actions for curbing the menace of corruption.
However, a handful of petty traders and rejected elements are refusing to accept the constitutional and legal position of peoples’ elected Sindh government and it is clear that their hue and cry is for personal gains and absolutely against the norms and values of democracy. They are not alone in this scheme of maligning the peoples’ elected democratic government of Sindh but also a pack of selected so-called TV analysts are openly demanding for the toppling of the democratically elected peoples’ government for which they should be tried for treason.
They said the people of Pakistan especially of Sindh are politically mature and are aware of the conspiracies being hatched against the democracy and democratic government and they would never accept any unconstitutional act against the democracy.


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