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Fed Govt’s secret agenda exposed for downsizing plan in PIA

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Karachi. 14.12.2015: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Senators Dr Karim Khawaja, Ajiz Dhamra and Engineer Gyan Chand said the PPP had before time warned the nation of secret agenda of federal government on privatisation of PIC through the promulgation of a Presidential ordinance in the darkness of night.

They said the PPP had also warned of warned the nation that the federal government would finally proceed towards huge retrenchments in PIA, which is part of a secret deal reached between the PMLN’s federal government and the IMF.

In a statement issued Tuesday, they said that the federal government has made final preparations for removing around 10, 000 employees and the pilots would also lose their employment and would be compelled to sign a contract with the private employer.

They said that is on a secret mission of making the country vulnerable to devastation and collapse through enforcement of IMF’s policies.

They said the PPP would not only oppose the federal government on al for a including the Parliament but would also move the apex court and would engage the people in protest across the country.

They said that the PMLN’s federal government is duping the people by assuring them that after privatisation of PIA, no retrenchments would take place. This is absolutely a fraud as same was also assured at the time of privatisation of PTCL and Karachi Electric and around 8, 000 employees were removed from the Karachi Electric. The Karachi Electric committed crime against people of the country and committed their economic genocide under the aegis of the government.

They said the PPP would never allow the PMLN to jeopardize the country’s defence through sale of strategic national institutions and as soon as the federal government would move ahead to implement the nefarious agenda of the IMF, the PPP would waste no time to foil such plans and would be on streets with the people.


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