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PPP wants federal LEAs to respect mandate for actions in Sindh: Sen. Saeed Ghani

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Karachi. 12.12.2015: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Leader in the Senate of Pakistan and PPP Media Cell Sindh in-charge Senator Saeed Ghani has blatantly flayed the statements of two federal ministers, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan and senator Pervez Rasheed on the stance of elected Sindh provincial government on powers of the paramilitary Rangers in Sindh.

He said both the ministers have in fact endorsed the stance of the Sindh provincial government that not only the law enforcement authorities under the administrative aegis of the federal government but also the federal government itself are conniving to oppress the provincial autonomy.

In his statement that he released from the PPP Media Cell, Senator Ghani asked to explain whether carrying out operations by the federal institutions without informing in advance or attaining prior permission from the chief executive of the province is legal or illegal?

He further questioned them if he could lawfully claim the actions while setting aside the mandate given to the federal authorities and acting in contrast to the mandate given by the provincial chief executive is justified?

The PPP parliamentary Leader in the Senate Senator Saeed Ghani asserted with full determination that the Sindh government is in favour of decisive action against the terrorists but there is a dire need that the actions should be within the ambit of the given mandate under the articles of the constitution.

Any excess in supra-mandate resulting in unjust actions would leave scars on the transparency of the ongoing targeted operation against the perpetrators, criminals and terrorists.


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